Bath tubs for all

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Ever gone into a home whether it is that of a friend or an open house somewhere and wonder why in the world there was no tub in the bathroom? Yes, it happens, folks just don’t have the space or don’t need a bathtub and rather opt for a shower. Yikes! Not a lot in accordance with a lot of us that is the reason why bathtubs come in numerous shapes and sizes, so they are excellent for any space.
Obviously the more Possum Poop you have the more choices for the ideal tub you’ll have. We have all seen the glossy magazine images of a enormous tub in the middle of a massive bathroom. While we might not be going that crazy, bathtubs can still make an impression.
Stand tubs can make that announcement but will also require additional plumbing than the ones that sit against a wall. Some come with these beautiful clawfeet that invoke such intimate images, and a few are beautifully designed vessels offering a contemporary, sleek take on the bathtub design. Here the possibilities are endless, you can fancy up it with unique tiles or surrounds and obviously change the taps and you have changed the entire appearance of the bathroom. Ifdown the line you get sick of the tiles or encircle then you just change that out and give your room a completely new look, while retaining the tub set up.
Triangular tubs are supposed to be used in tiny spaces as they are space saving in style. They generally sit two walls with the pipes hidden underneath and behind the wall so there’s absolutely not any requirement for additional plumbing work.
Large or small, soaker or routine, 1 person or several people the bathtub is the showpiece of the restroom. Add a shower and you’ve got a two for one set up but do away with the tub entirely? No way!

Laws of Football Quarterbacking

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In all my research, over a span of several years, the finest advice I have ever read on quarterback leadership came from my buddy Frank Carideo. The purpose of this information was to summarize the process by which a quarterback was educated at Notre Dame, under coach Knute Rockne. This class of quarterbacking was exacting in many respects as any collegiate course.

Coach Rockne had seven cardinal principles of quarterbacking that were preached over and over again.

1. A Quarterback must keep a cocky air at all times.

a. You want your Quarterback to show other teams that he knows what he will do next–there is not a little doubt in his mind about what he will perform on the next play.

b. You need his facial expressions to indicate to a team and your opponents’ team that he not only knows what he is going to do next, but that he will do it successfully, for all that they can do to stop him.

C. Be sure he knows that this is just an air. It’s a role he’s playing. It isn’t himself that you want to be cocky; it’s the Quarterback. You don’t want your boys to be too cocky. There is a limitation, and he should know it.

He might offend the members of his own team. His job is to irritate the members of the other group, not his own. You want that cocky air at all times–and on the practice field is one of those times.

2. You would like a Quarterback with a clear, staccato voice. You want a voice that is forceful and decisive. You want it to be heard and to be understood when it is heard. You want it to be recognized by your team as the control of one who is about to lead his army somewhere to a definite objective. You want it to be recognized by the enemy as the voice of a person who is going to reach that objective with his military, no matter what might be done by everyone to stop it.

3. This law is a variant of the first. You need your Quarterback to understand what he will do next and to do it. You don’t need him to show at any time, at any time whatever, he is in doubt about his next move. Additionally, you don’t need him to show that he is worried or communicate such a feeling to his group. Stress this point–though we are beaten–and occasionally badly–we shall never become demoralized.

4. The fourth law of generalship is a vital one: Observation, at all times, of the defensive alignment of the resistance. Have him observe at all times and ask himself the question: Who made the tackle? Also those that were not in on the tackles. Try to observe any glaring weakness in the defensive line or in the secondary.

5. If plays gain ground they should be used until the defense changes about to fulfill them. There’s no law against returning to the successful plays later on if circumstances warrant.

6. The sixth law comes into the sphere of generalship and plan. At all times the Quarterback must keep his plays in sequence order. Some plays are to be used as Squirrel Poop, others as feelers. Occasionally it may be necessary to sacrifice a play to make those that are to follow successful. This, of course, necessitates a quarterback’s looking a long way forward.

7. The seventh and final law is one of precaution. Whenever in doubt, your Quarterback should do one of two things. The most natural is to kick. The other would be to call time out and ask the linemen for advice regarding the alignment and characteristics of the defensive linemen. More often you will punt when in doubt. Punting is nearly always the safe process.

Friendship killers

Help, Hand, Offer, Despair, DepressionCan you have”friendships” that are killing you? I mean, would you have the sorts of friends that you come away from feeling like you must downplay your accomplishments or talents?
Do you have friends which are overly possessive? Kirby Wildlife Removal? Or, are you one of those sorts of friends? In this guide, I show the top 10 behaviours which are killing your friendships — and what you can do to be a better friend and have healthy friendships.
I do not understand how it works with men, but girls are notoriously catty. Trust me. I grew up with a very jealous and aggressive mother who couldn’t endure for me to shine. In actuality, she is going to be 75 years old in June, and she hates for me to be a confident, self-assured lady because she feels really threatened.
I also grew up with 4 catty sisters whose sole goal in life was to rip me (and every other) down. So I know a thing or two about jealousy.
How to Spot Jealousy at a Buddy
You know your friend is jealous when she behaves passive aggressively by always making comments (put downs) about your boyfriend, your garments, your lifestyle, etc. and you end up needing to downplay your accomplishments and abilities so she won’t get angry or start being aggressive.
Jealousy destroys relationships as you can never be happy for another person.
Advice: If you are the jealous type, ask yourself why you feel less than. Build your self-esteem by doing esteemable items for others and yourself.
If your buddy is the jealous one, have a serious conversation with her. Tell her you want to be supportive, but you can’t and will not be in a friendship that is rife with jealousy.
Incidentally, I don’t speak to my mom anymore – and I will only deal with one of my sisters. Yeah. It was that awful.
With selfish friends, it is always about them. Everything must be on their own terms. If you do not go along with their program, they attempt to make you feel guilty, put you down, etc..
Advice: You might just be dealing with somebody who’s unaware that they are selfish. If that is the case, you want to gently tell your friend how her behavior affects you.
If you are working with a narcissist, you might choose to end the friendship, because it will remain one-sided. They understand your weaknesses, so that they tip about when they want you to do something, knowing you will fall for their manipulation – hook, line and sinker.
Advice: Tell your buddy nicely that you’d love it if she would be direct with you.
I had a friend who constantly put down any other friend I wanted to hang out with because she could not endure for me to be with anybody else. When I needed to include others in actions, she vehemently opposed.
Advice: Smothering somebody –telling them they can not have other friends — is a symptom of fear of jealousy. When it’s you who is behaving possessively, ask yourself why you are so terrified of losing your friend. When it’s your friend who’s possessive, ask her the exact same thing – lightly of course.
Then look for therapy.
Together with the critic, you can’t ever win. At times you can almost win, but necessarily the critic will find something wrong with you or what you did, what you are wearing, etc..
Being around someone who’s overly critical is catastrophic to your mind and your self-worth. Individuals that are overly critical will constantly raise the bar just out of your reach. It’s a no-win circumstance.
The exploder consistently keeps you off balance. It is their way of controlling you. You don’t know what is going to put them off. Walking on eggshells in a relationship isn’t healthy and inhibits the development of both parties.
Advice: Tell your friend to seek anger management, or you are gone.
Everybody gets a twinge of jealousy occasionally. But when it is a constant in your friendship — that is bad. Coveting goes together with jealousy. Nonetheless, it’s a closer cousin to envy. The mentality is”there is not enough to go around, so I want what is yours.”
Advice: Tell your friend you feel her envy and that it is uncomfortable. Tell her when she acts on her covetedness, you may associate with her .
God I hate disloyal folks. Disloyal buddies are the backstabbers. Gossips. They’re the ones that you share a confidence with and then you hear about it on the 6:00 O’clock news. They are the ones that laugh at you once you fall down – rather than helping you up.
Here is the deal. I don’t think people ought to be loyal to a fault. However, you need to be loyal until your friend no more deserves your loyalty.
Liars annoy the hell out of me. You can not trust them. Ever. And you can not have a friendship with no trust.
Advice: Confront your friend for their lies. Tell them that you can’t trust them if they are lying to you all of the time and that confidence is an important, and necessary part of the friendship.
Friendship Killer #10 – Being overly”Busy”
Relationships aren’t one sided. But friendships take time and energy. You have got to decide whether you really need the friendship as it requires an investment.
If your friend is constantly saying she is”busy”, it just means she does not want to be friends anymore.
Advice: I would see how often she tells me she is too busy to hang out before I pull the plug on the friendship.
Conclusion So you wish to be certain that you’re not getting drained by the very men and women that are supposed to be uplifting for you. This advice goes for any kind of relationship.

Everyone has baggage

Road, Highway, People, Man, Baggage, CarWho doesn’t have baggage? That’s the only question which pops in my mind whenever I ask a girl out on a date. Well, all of us do have some type of baggage of our past. A number people have done some disgraceful things that we aren’t proud of and definitely do not want our fans to be a part of it. It might be anything, such as this guy I know, he’d been in relationships with ten distinct women and now when he eventually discovered his love, he doesn’t need to share an image of his past life with his girlfriend for a fear of losing her. But that doesn’t mean that she’s still the exact same person. Certainly she must carry this until the last breath of her life.  Ocoee Wildlife Removal
Once we hit our 20’s, we’re too young to have any luggage. In actuality, we should not be worried about our dates once we input 20’s. Instead I should say young 20’s is the time once we start gathering it to the future. We always tell our friends if we meet a new girl or boy, he or she’s good but… To fulfill this but we’ve got a great deal of explanations, as an example, she’s beautiful but she had three boyfriends before. She’s perfect but she is somewhat old for me.
She’s sexy, but she isn’t a virgin.
She’s attractive, but she’s a massive butt.
Is it possible to ignore the last of the Individual and enjoy the gift?
Well, to begin with, it’s not impossible for certain.
Many people today take their past and move on while others regret about it forever. It is just a learning stage where I have learned to not to feel any difference between joy and sorrow.
This shows he doesn’t care about the past rather he loves the load of it. Well, it is very simple yet complicated in a variety of ways. The easy method is to move past it and take pleasure in the current life scenario with no burden of the past. The ball is always in your court, it is just that you will need to accept and love your own past. The moment we begin seeing bags as avoidable as anything else, the very existence of it’ll get extinct similar to polar bears nowadays.
So the secret to your happy life lies in being casual with all the baggage you’ve been loading all of your life. It is worth it.


Rat Rat Babies Needy Cute Nager Sweet Baby

Many members of other genera and families of rodents can also be referred to as rats as they share a number of features like that of true rats. They’re different from mice and must be confused together. Rats are large muroid rodents while mice are little muroid rodents. Muroid family is a really complex family and the terms rat and mice aren’t taxonomically relevant.

The best known species are the Black rat Rattus rattus and the Brown rat Rattus norvegicus. These species are commonly known as Old World rats or true rats and they originated in Asia. They are larger than Old World mice which weigh hardly 500 grams. The term rat is also used for some small animals which are not true rodents for example, kangaroo rats, bandicoot rats and North American pack rats. They’re also rodents but do not belong to the genus Rattus. Males are known as bucks, unmated females are called as does and the pregnant females are known as dams. The young ones are known as kitten or pups. A group of rats can be termed as pack or mischief. In some developed countries the domesticated rat species have been kept as pets in houses. R. norvegicus is commonly kept as pet and it originated in China and spread to Europe and finally in the New World. Pet brown rats are also known as fancy rats. 

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The common species act as commensals as they live human surroundings. Such cause tremendous damage of the stored food products. Many species of brown and black rats have become endangered due to loss of natural habitats. Wild rats are known to be carriers of a range of parasites and pathogens like Toxoplasma gondii. Many species act as vectors of the Rat flea and are responsible for the spread of plague and other related diseases. Specially bred species are kept as pets since the 19th century. Pet species do not cause any type of damage to other pet animals like dogs and cats.

Brown rats are often used as model organisms in scientific research. With the publication of Rat Genome Sequence Brown Rat is now a very useful genetic tool. Domestic species differ from wild ones in many of ways. They are calm and hardly bite and are able to tolerate crowding into a greater extent. Rats are consumed as food by people and sometimes eaten in emergency conditions too. Bandicoot rodents are the famous foods of some Southeast Asian areas. Their meat is a good source of protein. Rattus rattus and the rat flea Xenopsylla cheopis are very notorious for their distinguished role in the transmission of bubonic plague.

They have a unique role in both culture and religion. In India it is considered as the vehicle of Lord Ganesh. Their statue is always found in the Ganesh temple. In the Chinese culture it’s first of the twelve animals of Chinese zodiac. European association with rats is strongly negative. Rats act as substitute for vulgar interjections in the English Language. They’ve been hated as they act as vectors for a range of disease causing agents and have dirty habits. One of the famous stories about rats is The Pied Piper of Hamelin in which a rat catcher saved the town from rats with the magical tune of his flute. The genus Rattus at present contains 64 species.

They are both beneficial as well as harmful.

4 Tips to Help You Clean Your Pool

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It is great to have a pool in the backyard of your home where you can host parties, adopt a fitness routine and spend your afternoons. However, with a pool comes the obligation of its upkeep. If you can’t comply with a maintenance schedule, your pool may have different kinds of issues, such as the accumulation of algae, broken filters and green water, to name a few. Given below are a couple of pool care tips that you might want to consider.


Ideally, you may want to do it on a daily basis. Moreover, if you can afford to spend a little bit of cash, you can invest in a good robot vacuum to get rid of unwanted stuff from the bottom also.

Aside from skimming, make sure you clean the sides to avoid the accumulation of algae. You don’t have to do it every single day. Ordinarily, you can do it once weekly. You can use a scrubber to get rid of the algae.

2. The Filter

The role of your kidneys is to help your body get rid of impurities. In the exact same way, the filter on your pool removes several types of impurities, such as small toys, dirt and leaves, just to name a few.

Mostly, you can clean the pool by removing the cap of the filter. But it’s better to clean the basket of the filter at least once in seven days. You also need to clean the pipes of the filter system. All you need to do is clean the leaf basket.

3. Chemical Levels

As far as pool care is concerned, taking care of these chemical amounts is really important. If the pool water isn’t balanced properly, it will look murky. Moreover, it is going to irritate your eyes and skin. Over time, bacteria will multiply in the pool, which you may not wish to see happen.

It’s a fantastic idea to check the pool water a minimum of once per week. Ideally, you need to consider 6 compound amounts namely acidity/alkalinity, free chlorine, calcium hardness, total alkalinity and cyanuric Acid.

You can test the water with no problem. All you will need to do is purchase a couple of test kits from your nearby pool shop.

Once the compounds are balanced, your pool water will be clear and free of odor.

4. Cost of the Chemicals

It’s a fact that the price of pool chemicals is high. According to most of pool shops, you can take advantage of sodium bicarbonate in order to have a control over the alkalinity of the water. And this can be done without effecting the PH levels.

You can find the job done with the sodium bicarbonate by spending a small amount of money. Actually, sodium bicarbonate is included in most baking soda solutions.

So, if you are going to clean your pool, make sure you follow the tips provided in this short article.

Cottage cheese is good for you

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Would you think that in France, alone, there are over 400 varieties of cheese which can be found? However, if the word’cheese’ is said and someone would ask what kinds of cheese he would have the ability to name, for certain, cottage cheese is going to be among them.

It’s prepared atop stoves houses located in the rural areas.

Cottage cheese is a product of cheese curd but unlike many cheese, which is dried and contains colour, this sort of cheese retains its whey content since it’s just emptied, not pressed dry. The cottage cheese, unlike its relatives, doesn’t experience aging (maturation process) and it’s also washed to give it its distinct flavor –sweet and mildly flavored.

In Sweden, cottage cheese is usually known as’Keso’.

A obviously produced cottage cheese is made of fresh milk, rennet and mesophilic starter culture (this might help expand’good bacteria’ that is necessary in providing the cheese its own flavor and aids in coagulation). It’s quite uncommon to find natural cottage cheese today. Commercialization of this product has made it much easier to create at a shorter time period.

This normally alters the original taste of the cheese. If you were used to the industrial cottage cheeses that flooding the supermarkets, then they’d be astonished to learn that these cheeses have deviated from the original’tanginess’ of the organic cheese.

What nourishment can you get from eating cottage cheese? Again, compared with other cheeses, this sort of cheese has low fat (5 g at which 3 grams are saturated fat), low carbohydrates (3 g ) and high in protein content (14 g ).

If you’re aiming for a sculpted body that’s full of muscles and nicely toned, then cottage cheese diet is the ideal diet for you. Most folks overlook the very low carbohydrate content of the cheese.

This cheese also has sodium (500 mg ), 120 calories and 20 mg of cholesterol. These values are calculated against a 113-gram serving.


2. To create 15 pounds of cottage cheese, one ought to utilize 100 pounds of milk.

If a person is tired with eating cottage cheese , there are numerous ways it can be served. One good method is to follow President Nixon’s recipe, which is to set a dash of pepper before plopping it in your mouth. Cottage cheese can be eaten just like a’tapioca pudding’ (simply add 1/2 tsp of vanilla taste and a packet of artificial sweetener for each 1/2 cup of cottage cheese).

Cottage cheese is eaten with fruits like blueberry, strawberry, peaches, pineapple or banana.


Hit Songs

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Bohemian Rhapsody is the title of the upcoming Queen biopic, named after the band’s most well-known tune. Other films about Animal Control music artists have used their favorite song for the title, such as Mamma Mia about Abba and”I Walk the Line” about Johnny Cash. Famous songs have also been used for titles of movie concerts by certain groups, such as Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same and The Last Waltz from the Band.

In most cases when both productions have the exact same title, the film has very little to do with the song. By way of instance, the movie American Pie has no connection to the Don McLean song, nor does Pretty Woman bear any resemblance to the hit by Roy Orbison.

Sometimes, hit songs have born such good story lines that they film manufacturers have actually transformed the lyrics into a movie. Here are eleven examples of songs that were later made into films.

Convoy by C.W. McCall
Kris Kristofferson was selected as the star of the picture about a gang of truckers who use their CB radios to make a mighty coalition against corrupt practices of highway policemen.

The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia by Vicki Lawrence
The Peach State is the clear setting for this tale of murder, romance, and police exemption, depending on the song that reached number one a couple of years prior.

Harper Valley P.T.A. by Jeannie C. Riley
Barbara Eden stars as the sexy blond mother who gets fed up with the hypocrites in her small town, exactly like the main character in the famous song from the Sixties.

Of course the Tallahatchi Bridge will be included in the film, for it served as part of the chorus in the song about a secret affair and its mysterious aftermath.

Since the song was autobiographical, it made perfect sense to assign it as well to the Sissy Spacek movie about the country legend’s life.

The made for TV movie, starring the singer himself, did not have anywhere near the success as the number one record.
Hurricane by Bob Dylan
Ruben Carter suffered from false imprisonment for murder, an injustice that Bob Dylan made into the biggest hit from the Desire album. Three years later, the story of the heavy weight champ was made in an unforgettable film.

Tom Dooley from the Kingston Trio
Murder serves as the background for this folk classic, which quite naturally fit into a Hollywood Western.

Pretty Boy Floyd by Woody Guthrie
He was a gangster that Woody painted as a Robin Hood from the tune, which twenty years later was developed into a script.

Copa Cabana by Barry Manilow
Rico and Tony get into a fatal fight over Lola the dancer in both the song and the film, the former of which has been far more enduring than the latter.

Alice’s Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie
Everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving song is nearly as long as (but much funnier than)/the film itself, which appeared a few years later with Arlo himself as the star.

Keep an Open Mind

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Maintaining an open mind in your daily interactions with people is extremely necessary if you truly want to keep moving forward, be it on your career, your small business, your educational pursuits or your relationship.

I have come to notice that it is most helpful to refuse to close our thoughts or to prejudge someone or their motives even before we hear them out. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you and I need to keep an open mind.

1. Reality could differ from appearances.

For all you know, that individual seeking employment in your startup and that which you consider to have nothing to offer, just because of something you don’t like about their appearance could prove to be the single most valuable employee you will ever have.

It isn’t necessarily that people put their best foot forward whenever they have to meet new situations. A number of us simply don’t know how to apply the principle of creating a good initial impression. That is why you have to keep an open mind when dealing with people you’ve never met before. It’s highly likely that you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise if you give others the chance to prove their worth over a reasonable period of time.

Trust me, companies embarking on a talent-hunt, individuals looking for relationship partners, students in search for a fantastic school or adult learning center to get more life skills are known to have lost what might have been their best decisions ever, just by dismissing prospects based on appearances.

You can’t afford to make that expensive mistake.

2. Orlando Raccoon Removal

No one has ever understood it all. That’s the reason we always have to continue finding ways and opportunities to learn and learn more. At times, we learn our most precious lessons from the most unlikely places, experiences and people. Knowledge is always evolving. What is believed to be the best method of solving an issue becomes obsolete within a short period of time. The knowledge you acquired from college years ago might not be that relevant the way it was in the time you graduated.

To stay relevant, so, you and I need to keep an open mind and stop being negative about the new developments happening all around us. The more we’re prepared to try new ideas, immerse ourselves wholeheartedly in new experiences and learn from those who might be a number of years our juniors, the greater the skills we’ll acquire to let us continue to achieve more.

3. Maintaining an open mind opens doors.

How many times have you been amazed with a chance from someone or from an action you least expect to deliver? Quite a lot, I presume.

We live in a world full of surprises. That door you never believed could lead to a success could be the one bringing great wealth to those who believed.That is a very good reason for you to keep a positive attitude and keep your mind open constantly.

The reality is, there are many employers out there who still value open-minded and adventuresome employees. At a highly competitive job or promotion interview, for example, odds are that those who exhibit a strong willingness to keep an open mind to keep on learning are those likely to be shortlisted for consideration.

On the other hand, those who exhibit an attitude of being quite conservative and rigid with their views or traditional thinking would barely stand any opportunity.

4. You may nurture stronger relationships.

No. I’m not saying that you should trust all manner of people simply because you would like to build relationships either for your small business or for career development.

The actual point here is that you cannot expect to have strong, meaningful relationships with others if you’re not willing to allow yourself time to discover more about their values and hidden attributes.

To put it differently, there’s absolutely not any way we will be able to build closer ties with our spouses or develop beneficial networks with our agents or suppliers if all we do is prejudge their motives or actions.

And remember, the more relationships you’re able to build by being positive and open-minded, the further you’ll be contributing to making our planet a better place.

That’s definitely a lofty prospect. Do not you agree?

How To Make A Chocolate Cake

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The chocolate cake is one of the most common types of cakes that you can easily make at home. The cool thing is that you can make the cake for almost any type of event.

For you to prepare the cake, you need the right ingredients. The ones that you need include:

· 2 saucepans

· 3 egg yolks

· Heat-safe bowl

· 2/3 cup butter, room temperature

· Spatula

· 1 tsp. baking soda

baking powder

vanilla extract

· Whisk

· 2/3 cup sour cream

· Two cake pans

· Spatula

· 2 2/3 cup butter, room temperature

unsweetened chocolate

· 2/3 cup boiling water

· 2/3 cup butter, room temperature

· 2 2/3 cup sugar

· Standing mixture with paddle attachment

How to make your chocolate cake

Step 1

Preheat an oven to 325 F and then fill a saucepan with water and bring it to boil. After turning off the heat, rest the bowl on the inner rim of the saucepan. You should be careful when doing it. Ensure that you put the bowl just above the water height. This is to prevent the chocolate from overheating.

You then need to boil water using a saucepan on the stove, and throw the chocolate into it. To prevent the chocolate from seizing, be sure that the chocolate is still warm.

Step 2

Place butter and sugar into a mixing bowl and then combine the two until it becomes light and fluffy. This process not only mixes both, in addition, it aids in aeration that’s vital for the introduction of a mild and tender cake. To make certain that ingredients are incorporated evenly you need to occasionally scrape down the bowl sides.

Step 3

Gradually add egg yolks and vanilla into the mix and beat them till they are fully incorporated. The aim of adding eggs is to stop the batter from dividing. Eggs at room temperature have been shown to result to a more cohesive batter. When you get a good mix, beat in the melted chocolate.

Step 4

Sift all the dry ingredients. These include: salt, powder, flour, and soda. You should then add them together with sour cream to the batter. The best way of doing it’s adding 1/3 of the dry ingredients and 1/2 of sour cream. You should repeat this procedure until all of the sour cream and dry ingredients are evenly incorporated. The reason you should gradually add the ingredients would be to allow the batter to take large liquid quantities that create a moister and delicious cake.

Step 5

Beat the battery until it gets smooth. When doing it be cautious that you don’t over-mix. You should then prepare the baking pans using pan spray and divide the batter evenly. Finally, bake your cake until it springs back to the touch.

Organized Travel

Luggage Suitcase Shoes Tie Travel Vacation

Luggage accessories are a practical and convenient solution to make organizing your bags or paperwork easier. They could range from the convenient items like travel wallets and packing cubes to those items that enhance security, such as the security straps. Let’s take a look at Some of the most useful options to get ready for traveling:

Travel wallet

A travel wallet is a very convenient thing for the frequent traveler with its capacity to keep items such as the passport, tickets and money safe. Any wallet made in a waterproof material will be favored because it will be sure that the contents are protected in case of being caught in a rain shower.

Packing cubes

The packing cubes are a beneficial remedy to pack clothes, accessories, toiletries, etc. in a bag without getting everything wrapped up. Alternatively, they can just be used to split the space in a bag by putting the cubes down the center.

Waterproof toilet bag

This is a useful all-in-one solution to hold an entire collection of bathroom solutions. They are usually spacious with several pockets and compartments. When in use, it will conveniently unzip and hang on its plastic hook in a hotel room or similar. Furthermore, they can make a very helpful option for camp trips when it is necessary to navigate to bathroom facilities in the dark.

Luggage security straps

The bag security straps give additional reassurance in knowing the suitcases are better protected with less chance of being broken into. Also, they may be employed to secure additional items onto the suitcase that are too bulky to fit inside, including a rain poncho, sleeping bag or roll-mat.

Money belt

A money belt that’s easily hidden under clothes is a great way to ensure the valuable items while exploring a busy market, rushing through a crowded airport, or comparable environment with plenty of other individuals about. They are great for holding items like money, passports, bank cards, tickets, or other valuable documents.

Dry bag

This type of bag is great for holding a spare set of clothing, towels, muddy clothes, or moist swimming gear. Many of these bags can be fully submerged and still keep the contents dry.

Three Ways to Best Match Your Colored Mirror Sunglasses

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Are you excited about the approaching party or date? You can’t await the day to get there? You can already feel the cool music thumping through your own soul.

Yes, and the savory odor of tasty dishes too. It will be a crushing event. You’re certain of that.

However, before you leave for the party, you shouldn’t just get to select any dress combination. You Need to match-:

• the event to colors,

• the colors to design, and

• the layout to accessories.

For stinging smart looks, the dazzling cat eye polycarbonate, colored mirror sunglasses, are becoming very popular accessories nowadays. They will surely whip up the vibe in your party or date.

The mirror sunglasses come in a dashing range of colors. It would make great fashion sense for a stylish boho-chic to maintain four or five different colored sets in your sunglasses holder, in the cupboard, to match to your beautiful outfit, and to offer suitable protection from different weather and day requirements.

Now that’s being properly prepared to rock the occasion. When picking the colors of mirror sunglasses to stock, the best advice is, keep a color range that covers dark colors, light colors in addition to sparkling colors. You could have shades of grey, pink, green, diamond blue and plain tints.


These shift and darken on exposure to various kinds of light. The mirrored sunglasses will provide you extra comfort in bright sunlight.


The coloured mirror sunglasses will also cut eye strain and fatigue from squinting in sunlight.

3. Strong and extremely durable.

Polycarbonate lenses are more impact-resistant and can withstand the majority of the daily blunt pressure.

4. Fashionable frames.

The coloured mirror sunglasses really are a smart trendy piece. You can have them in silver or gold plated alloy frames that provide a softer 80s iteration to your fashion cue.

So how do you match the party or date to the dress, and all the way to your

Colored mirror sunglasses?

Let us go through the 3 best matching tips;

1. Picnic.

A day in the sun, calls for light colors. Avoid absorbing an excessive amount of heat by wearing light-colored outfits. Or mesmerize in a white bar-code stripped dress, with a sneaky slit for tasteful expose of a little skin.

The gorgeous side slit, will also make sure you won’t have any problems sitting on the ground. This will add to the perfect touch of summer vibes and make you comfortable.

Picnics are sunny weather occasions. Splash on your dark shades of colored mirror sunglasses to offer additional comfort against the warmth of the sunlight.

2. Sports.

It is possible to kill fashion whilst hanging courtroom side at a New York Knicks game. Wear a funky hat-it to bring your soft petal looks together and it’s a perfect way to protect your skin for an outdoor event.

Wear lots of accessories. Yes, you can afford to.

On the shoes, make a loud statement with high leather boots. You can go with knee-high dark black or brown leather.

Then splash on your gorgeous pink or reddish hues. A set of pitch-day aviators and cat eye colored mirror sunglasses with red tints, goes nicely nicely with blue jeans and is good for indoor lighting. Sporty, cool, laid back.

Do not forget a dash of red on your soft lips to match the pink or reddish colored mirror sunglasses. Now that is smashing chic.

3. Dinner date.

Is the diner on a beach side restaurant? Is it an inner metropolitan dinner? Or are you going to be going to the highly secluded woody resorts? Your dress code must fit the environment. You can’t manage to stand out and be so obviously garish. That would make you feel too self-conscious and dampen your conversation with your date.

For those who have great arms and legs, wear a short strapless dress. Yet don’t go off revealing too much skin. It’s a date. You don’t want to be fidgeting and constantly pulling down your dress. Focus on making most of the light-heartened chatter with your date.

You could also wear jeans, converse or flats, t-shirts and your hot mirror sunglasses. You can do flats and wedges based on the setting. That deepens your puzzle as a well dressing sexy flick.

Now remember, eye contact is very important on a date. It’s really the unspoken reason why a couple decides to go out in the first place. Making eye contact provides a excellent chance for soul connection.

So put on brightly colored sunnies that could allow your date to see through to your eyes. With a giggle, yes, get them to make eye contact.

Slip on the lighter shades of gray when you choose your colored mirror sunglasses. That will just spark love and set the tone right for an engaging soulful evening for both you and your date. The light shades are a seamless fit for the varied outfits that you might wear on a dinner date concerning color and design.

If The World Was More Like The Olympics

Race Track And Field Running Sport Sprint

Nearly every day, especially in this first – year of the administration, of President Donald Trump, we are confronted with real, and/ or perceived risks, challenges, and so on, both, at home, in the United States, in addition to internationally. Obviously, the threat of terrorism, if according to some theology, or emotional issues, is real, and, often, somewhat, frightening! Every two decades, either the Summer or Winter Olympics, are held, on a rotating basis, and, at these, international adversaries, come together, to try to win medals, based on accomplishments, without regard to their national strengths, etc! Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could all, come together, in the real world, like in the Olympics, and be able to oppose and compete, in a peaceful fashion, instead of the often – vitriolic one, otherwise? Here are 3 compelling facets, and examples.

1. Competition, but sportsmanship: Rather than threatening others with devastation and annihilation, Olympic competitors seek to do all they can do win, and defeat their competition, but end up, exhibiting sportsmanship, and a maximum level of honor, and caring! If only, world leaders, were ready, willing and able, to pursue the maximum level of domestic success, etc, wouldn’t this be a safer, more secure, world? What the world needs now, is love!

2. National spirit, and one – world: although there may be numerous individual needs, goals, and priorities, and a useful, nationalistic spirit, etc, leaders must recognize, we share one world, and therefore, there has to be a spirit of cooperation! One example, is protecting the environment, for the common good, and while many nations have come to understand this, President Trump has been articulate an America – first doctrine, while denying, climate change science! You could not have an Olympics, if any state, chose, they were taking their ball home, and going – it, alone!

3. Being the best, versus good – enough: Olympic athletes train, to become the best in their individual sport! They realize, one just wins a trophy, if he earns it, by becoming the very best! Far too often, we witness national leaders, focus on personal self – interest, and politics, rather than accepting good – enough!

If the world proceeded, with the authentic, Olympic spirit and ideals, there would be more, willingness, to agree, to disagree! It is up to the electorate, to need this, of leaders!

When You’re Engaged

Love Valentines Day Engagement Engagement

Before wedding planning kicks into high gear, make discussions about your finances a priority. Taking the time now to talk through money matters can create a good foundation for your collective future. Use the following six principles to direct your money conversations:

1. Open-minded. Take turns sharing your vision for cash management as a married couple. Listen carefully to what your prospective spouse says is important to him or her. Acknowledge your gaps and build on your strengths. If your expectations do not match up, try to find a compromise. Some couples sidestep conversations about cash to prevent feelings of hurt, fear, anger or guilt. Creating a habit of frequent communication might help you avoid heated arguments, and will help ensure you are on the same page financially before you walk down the aisle.

2. Honesty. Share the specifics of your financial history and current situation in case you have not already done so. Your future spouse deserves to know whether you’re paying off college debt, or if you’ve made any financial mistakes in the past (and the way you have rectified them). Disclose the fantastic news, too. Divulge details about savings you have tucked away or a family trust which will help supplement your income so you know the sum of where you stand.

3. Forward-thinking. As soon as you’ve shared your present situation and background, discuss your goals for the future. Be open about what your dreams are, but be ready to compromise. While you don’t have to agree about everything, having shared goals (buying a house, saving for college if you choose to have kids, retirement, etc.) lets you combine forces on economies and gives you a road map for paying.

4. Cooperation. To avoid any miscommunications as newlyweds, talk and assign responsibility for financial functions. Is one of you at tracking online accounts and paying bills? Are you both enrolled in a retirement accounts and taking maximum advantage of employer contributions? Who will be the primary contact for your financial advisor, tax professional or estate planner? Two is better than one when you’re ready to divide and conquer financial jobs, but make sure you’re both in the loop on key decisions and money matters.

5. Diligence. As soon as you’re married, make it a priority to update your financial documents. It takes discipline, but taking good care of these housekeeping tasks immediately protects you if something unexpected occurs. Several steps to consider:

• Update financial accounts, insurance policies and credit cards with any name changes, and if desired, add your spouse as an owner and beneficiary to those balances.

• Consider combining your bank accounts if it makes sense for your circumstances.

• Amend your tax withholdings, to make sure the right amount is withheld from your paycheck that you are married.

• Choose your wellbeing insurance. If both of your employers provide health insurance, carefully assess your coverage options and premiums for the best fit.

Like most things worth achieving, preparing for a life of financial compatibility requires work. If you and your prospective partner can commit to the identical money values, it may help you create a solid financial foundation.

Ideal Conditions For Garden Growth

Roses Blossom Bloom Pink Rose Rose Bloom R

June in southern California usually means overcast mornings which transform into mild sunny afternoons making it an ideal month to spend time in the backyard before summer heat takes hold.

Thin Out Fruit Trees: From June, trees should be exploding with small fruit such as apricots, plums and peaches. The weaker fruit will begin to drop this month. Do not be alarmed. In fact, following the initial shedding, eliminate the smallest of the remaining. This will permit the hardiest of fruit to reach their full potential.

Deadhead Flowering Plants And Bushes: Your rose and other flowering plants should be in full bloom by now. Remove older flowers to make way for new ones. Trim wayward branches and stalks to encourage better density within the center of the plant.

Control Aphids: Everything springs to life in June-including bad bugs such as the tiny aphid. These bugs latch onto plants and suck the sap from fresh growth. When the infestation is important, they can curl leaves and stunt plant growth. Tips: Remove stems with the greatest aphid concentration and then shoot a strong stream of water at the aphids to knock off the remaining.

Plant Avocado Trees: Plant your avocado trees in well-draining, loose soil, amount or a little over level to the ground. Don’t over water even with a young tree. Allow the soil around the tree become somewhat dry before watering. Never let it pool round the trunk. Flowers will bloom next spring, but do not expect fruit until two to three years following planting.

Be Water Smart: With dry, hot weather on the horizon, replace water-loving trees and shrubs with those who require little water once established. A water-efficient landscape can include such drought-tolerant trees and shrubs as bougainvillea, California sycamore, California wax myrtle, acacia, manzanita, Catalina cherry or western redbud (with its magenta flowers).

Lawn Care: Spring and autumn are ideal times for patching or replacing lawns. Grass types which are best suited to southern California include Fescue (absorbs water well), Bermuda (drought resistant) and St. Augustine (durable). Proper soil preparation with the correct compost mix (based on soil type) is crucial to lawn success. Once established, add a layer of top dressing especially intended for lawns.

Work Fast.

Guide for Buying Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Room, Inside, Furniture, House

A vanity is an often overlooked piece of bathroom furniture. It can not just increase storage in your bathroom but can add a stylish touch to your decor. You can not only hide any unsightly pipe function, but you can also incorporate drawers or cabinets for all those bathroom essentials. However, there is a enormous choice of vanity cabinets available, so you might need a little help to choose the ideal option. Fortunately, here is a basic guide to buying vanity cabinets.

What Kinds of Bathrooms Are Suited to A Vanity?

Bathroom vanity cabinets are available in a wide range of styles and layouts, meaning that they can be utilised in baths of all shapes and sizes. Even if you have a smaller toilet, you can use the potentially dead space below the sink. It is possible to fit a slimline unit that looks stylish and provides valuable storage space.

There’s absolutely no 1 bathroom style that is suited to a dressing table. There are units available in traditional and modern styles to suit all types of decor and personal preference. Whether you select an ornate design or the clean lines of a basic unit, a vanity is sure to be an exceptional addition to your bathroom.

Considering Size:

The size is possibly the most important factor for vanity cabinets. Bear in mind that you will need to allow space for the drawers or doors of this unit to be opened completely. Make sure you take careful measurements of the present sink area and consider if you would prefer a little more space. If your bathroom is on the larger size, you could always opt for a double vanity unit. This will allow you to have two sinks side by side for much greater usefulness.

The first choice you need to make for bathroom vanity cabinets is whether the sink is recessed or semi recessed. This simply means whether the sink is flush with the cabinet top or if it is raised over it slightly. This is usually a matter of personal taste, but there are a number of considerations you may not have given any thought. The first is the way you often use your sink. If you are the kind of person who likes to get clean surfaces with everything tidied away, you are most likely to love a recessed sink. However, if you prefer to have containers and bottles around the sink, then you might prefer a semi recessed sink, as there will be a more defined perimeter of the sink. It may also help to prevent bottles from slipping into the sink.

Tarot Reader

Tarot, Cards, Fortune, Symbol, Mystery

Tarot reading is an ancient form of divination that uses a pair of 72 tarot cards to foretell the present, past and future of a person. Tarot reading has thus, been providing guidance to people through their life journey.

Tarot cards may seem quite nondescript to an onlooker due to the weird graphics and inscriptions printed on them. This is because tarot reading relies solely on intuition and psyche. It takes a clairvoyant to know what the cards show. Tarot reading is both an art and a science as with understanding and continuous practice, it produces precise and dependable results.

When you consult a tarot reader, you must remember that the tarot cards don’t forecast the future and instead simply provide the possibilities your future holds, based on different perspectives of the present events. The tarot cards provide clues and ideas about what the future possibly holds for you. Based on these, you can opt to take the best course of path to follow, to achieve the desired result.

While earlier you had to approach a tarot reader in person to get tarot reading done, now technology has made life so much easier for everybody.

There are quite a few wonderful Tarot apps that are available online and also on the smartphones, which when downloaded, create tarot readers available to you, at your convenience and in the luxury of your houses; with just a couple clicks. While tarot reading with the help of tarot apps might not enable you to touch the tarot cards, the clairvoyants controller energies and internal senses to help connect you with the cards and relay the question even when you are on the other side of the planet.

The truth about psychic readings is that even when the readings are completed as you are physically present with the reader, the psychics do not read the body. They don’t base their readings while studying your eyes or your body. Instead, they read your energies and join it with the energies that they receive from the world to give you an accurate reading. But just a genuine psychic will be able to do so.

Thus, before you download a tarot program, it makes sense to look at the ratings of this app and of the tarot readers recorded on their panel. Once you’re satisfied with the credibility of the tarot reader, then go ahead and seek advice. The important thing to remember is that, when you’re confident of the tarot reader, you must trust them and start your being completely to them. This will permit the psychic to have full access to your being and he will be able to get in touch with your energies entirely to give you precise answers to the questions you seek.

Tarot cards are extremely helpful to those looking for answers to a lot of questions in life.

Your Dog

Strawberries, Fruit, Delicious, Food

Especially when it comes to sharing the things we love together. Unfortunately, not everything that is good for us is good for our pets too. Listed below is a set of foods to keep away from your dogs.

1. Chocolate (& Caffeine) – Now even if you have never had a dog of your own you likely know that chocolate is toxic to dogs. What you may not know is that this extends to coffee and caffeine. All these items come from cacao seeds, which contain methylxanthines. They should be kept far away from your pets.

2. Grapes and Raisins – This one may not be widely known, which might be a result of the reason for it being somewhat unknown as well, but grapes and raisins can lead to kidney failure in dogs. It is best to refrain from giving either of these to your dog in any respect.

3. Salt – When consumed in large quantities, salt can cause pets to have excessive thirst and urination. This can lead to severe dehydration and even sodium ion poisoning, so it is ideal to restrict the salty bites that you give your dogs. Some common salty snacks to watch out for could include pretzels, chips, popcorn etc..

4. Bread – This frequent table food may cause bloating and twisting in your dogs stomach. This extends to all kinds of bread, from sliced to baked. Also, when eating raw dough, the ethanol produced in the yeast can cause your dog to become drunk. Obviously, you do not want that so you are likely to need to keep all forms of bread away from your pups.

5. New York City Animal Control – Dogs are famously known for their love of bones, however, giving your dogs bones from the table can be quite harmful to them. Certain bones such as chicken and ribs are prone to breaking off easily. This can do damage to your own dogs throat going down and even choke them. The bones may also splinter off at any point going down, potentially damaging their insides and their stomachs. It is best to only give your dogs bones that were made especially for chewing on, like the kind you can find at your neighborhood pet store.

The Coolest Things to Do in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Sozopol City Street Old House Bul

Bulgaria may not be a mainstream tourist destination, but that doesn’t mean it lacks interesting things to see and do. To the contrary, this tiny Balkan country has lots to offer concerning cool customs, events and activities. Here is a quick list of things to do this:

A dance with critters – Bulgaria is home to the somewhat unusual tradition of Kukeri. Men dress up as monsters with large masks and tons of bells attached to the waist area. Kukeri takes place in cities all over the nation from as early as January until March. The idea is that these monsters and the noise they make will scare away evil spirits and ensure prosperity in the region. The costumes are very elaborate and are spectacular to look at.

Step on the embers – If you think watching Kukeri was cool, you’d be very pleased to see the Nestinari. People dancing on embers – Nestinari – is an ancient tradition, preserved in a couple of places in the country. Watching these people dance on the smoldering embers might make you stressed. However, know they are perfectly fine – they’ve mastered this art to perfection.

Wake up early to collect roses – Bulgaria is home to the world-famous Valley of Roses, which develops the local Rose Damascena. This is the type used in a majority of top cologne and cosmetic products. Roses are picked in June and vacationers may usually join in on the fun. You should bear in mind that roses must be picked at dawn to maintain their essential oils, so that’s one consideration for people who like to sleep in.

Listen to live music performances from the mountain – The Ambaritsa chalet, which stands at 1500 meters, is home to the Blueberry Festival. Hundreds of individuals head up the mountain to enjoy a weekend of live music performances and take a peek at various intriguing crafts and exquisite food.

Enjoy a different February 14 – You understand well enough that February 14 is St. Valentine’s day. However, that is mostly a Western tradition. Bulgaria has been affected by it and makes honor love on this day, but the country also celebrates the Day of the Winemakers on the exact same day. If you happen to be in the country on this exact day, you should treat yourself to a glass of wine in honor of Pembroke Pines Wildlife Removal.

Have a look at seven lakes at once – Perhaps the most visited tourist attraction in Bulgaria is the Seven Rila Lakes. Climbing along with Lake Peak is a fantastic chance to find all seven lakes simultaneously.

Visit a place of worship of 4 different religions – there’s a place in the capital of Sofia where four unique religions have their places of worship co-existing peacefully. The place is called the Square of Religious Tolerance, where a mosque, a Roman Catholic cathedral, a synagogue and an Orthodox church stand close to each other.

Apparently, there are a lot of cool things to do in Bulgaria. The next time you are trying to find a Bulgarian property, make sure you check for chances to experience these events and locations.

Uses of a Lie Detector

Truth Lie Street Sign Contrast Contrary No

You may have seen the demonstration of lie detectors in movies. These devices are used in order to extract the truth from the lying witnesses. The wire of the devices makes a relationship between the lie detector and the person being tested. The machine draws lines on the newspaper to help the professional determine if the man is lying or telling the truth.

According to the most recent studies, the truth of a lie detector varies between 70% and 95%. Let’s now have a look at some of the benefits provided by this machine.

Benefits and Utilization

Since lie detector tests are rather popular, a growing number of people are beginning to use them. Nowadays, they are being used for social research projects.

Often, lie detectors can have an influence on the way the subject gives answers to the questions. While they aren’t used solely to find out the truth, they do assist record changes in the physiological indices of this subject. So, the experiments are done in combination with before and after interview tests.

It’s important to be aware that some companies also use polygraph tests. The tests are done in order to screen prospective personnel.

Another common use of the devices involves the evaluation of the statements given by the witnesses and suspects. Moreover, law enforcement agencies also use them to monitor the post-conviction offenders. However, it’s important to note that the machines are not used to determine whether the subject is truly guilty.

It’s interesting to note that toy lie detectors are also quite popular among kids. Interestingly enough, these toys are based on similar algorithm and may give a mild electrical shock to the subject if he tells a lie. However, it is important to remember that the results may not be accurate.

Davie Wildlife Removal

Polygraph tests are very popular, but the results of these tests can not be accurate. The reason is that not everyone will give the same reaction in a situation. As a result, the physiological indices of a individual may be different from another test subject. That’s the main reason this device is not considered 100% reliable.

Also, polygraph tests are not worth it. The machine may give misleading results. While the authorities will be busy demonstrating that the subject is guilty, the real culprit may go out of the reach. Because of this, they have to perform the exam all over again, which will have a good deal of extra time.

Additionally, the tests can cost a great deal of money. Apart from the price tag of this machine, it is going to cost additional money to hire a qualified professional for the interpretation of the test results.

Discussion Become An Argument?

Worried Girl Woman Waiting Sitting Thinkin

How often have we began a conversation with our loved ones, colleagues, friends with the goal to discuss, only to have it turn into an argument?

The whole thing just feels like a bullet train wreck – it’s out of your hands, it takes a life of its own and then people involved become upset, angry and all kinds of unkind words ensue.

There are so many factors why this sometimes happens. In this sharing, let’s keep a focus on using language to prevent an explosion.

This is what I teach my clients: Use the word I versus You. Possessing our feelings/emotions/behaviour and taking responsibility for Palm Springs Bat Removal.

Whether it is a work discussion or a discussion regarding relationship and household matters, some kind of emotions/feelings will definitely surface. We are humans, and we come in little packages that include all of the good feelings and all of the bad feelings. Sometimes, for a number people, our feelings (good or bad) are so concealed and stuck deep inside that they don’t get expressed until a conversation with others ignites a spark within. For some others, we’ve got no control over our emotions that they get sparked anytime and anyplace.

One of the keys to remember if we do not want a discussion to turn into a debate is that we maintain our attention only on ourselves and the words we’re using. The fastest way to escalate it into an argument is to say YOU and play the blame game. This is a sure guarantee.

This is simply the ego protecting itself and wanting to come up tops in each and every human circumstance. So if we do not need to place ourselves in a position where things get volatile, avoid saying YOU too much and more importantly stay away from the blame game!

So how can we use the I word instead?

Take ownership of our own feelings/emotions that surface: I feel so sad, I feel so mad etc.. When we say what we’re feeling instead of expressing the feeling in a manner which is going to come across as if we are using another party as a punching bag, things are going to explode.

Do you see the difference between saying what you are feeling versus expressing what you’re feeling?

We say, I am feeling so mad about this circumstance.

If we express this anger, this is the way we could say: Why did this occur? How could something so stupid happen? Why do you do this? How can you let this happen? etc.. .

When we take ownership, we are saying we are responsible for how we feel, and we have to give other people an opportunity to say what they are feeling too.

Some examples:

I’m feeling so mad about this circumstance. I’m certain that no one intended it to be this way…
I am feeling so mad about this, I am not sure it was not your intention to hurt me, but I felt very hurt when I had been talked to this way…
I am feeling so angry about this, I don’t know whether they intended to do this on purpose, but I can’t help but feel so mad because the reality is, I feel so helpless in this situation…
The thing is using the I word will definitely make us emotionally vulnerable, BUT at the same time, it also assists the other party to see their own vulnerability.
So the next question a few people may ask is: what if the other person does not respond in kind but goes into an attack mode while we’re being vulnerable? Stay calm and remain in precisely the exact same position of owning our feelings/emotions and understand that we have taken the higher stand in this circumstance. One person can’t begin an argument, so if we don’t feed it, it is going to die off. A discussion can still happen if both parties have calmed down if not a discussion at the time is the best way forward.

Remember this: Discussions empower us, arguments weaken us.

Transforming “I Can’t” Into “I CAN”

Thanks Gratitude Smile Appreciation Hands

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will understand how to live.”

Have you ever actually heard yourself whining about how you can’t do something?

I have… and it was not pretty. However, it was made for a funny story!

In actuality, I created a presentation based on said funny story and delivered it recently at a women’s networking event. The talk was well-received (and everyone laughed at the funny part) but I rather surprised myself in the question and answer period afterwards.

My presentation was called,”The Electric Jello Story – Turning I Can’t Into I Could… and I Will.”

The first part of my talk was a somewhat sordid tale in my party days about a bachelorette gone awry. I had overindulged in certain electric jello shooters and had been sent home from the pub early. But when the women attempted to wake me from my drunken slumber at the wee hours of the morning (so that I could buzz them up to the flat ) I wanted no part of being woken up, thank you very much.

Nor could I appear to find out which button to push on the silly intercom to allow them in the foyer.

Unfortunately, my repeated wails of”I can not” (in the most whining and pathetic tone imaginable) was listed on the answering machine.

But to this day, I could still hear how dreadful I sounded!

Anyway, in the next part of my presentation, I told the story of the conversation I had had with my husband the day before he died. I’d said to him:”I am so scared I am going to wake up 20 years from now and still not have finished Belle Glade Raccoon Removal.”

To which he’d responded:”You are probably right about that… just as long as you understand that will have been your decision.”

But in all fairness, after 12 years of being together, I think the poor man had run out of patience listening to me whine and whine about not having the time or money to write. For more than a decade, I had used every excuse in the book as to why I could not make my writing a priority.

I’d said to myself, after dropping him off at work that night. I promised myself I would wake up early the next morning and do an hour of writing prior to going to work in my clerical job.

I pushed snooze. “I’m too tired to write.”

When I finally hauled my butt out of bed, after pushing the snooze button multiple times, there wasn’t any time to write. In actuality, there was hardly time for me to get to work.

When I did arrive at work, my whole life changed in an instant. John died that day. And I got the wake-up call of all wake-up calls about the danger of waiting for a tragedy to wake us to the importance of achieving our dreams.

Two weeks after his death, I started writing what would become my novel, A Widow’s Awakening. It took me 8 years to get it – and me – where it had to be. However, I did it.

After I completed my presentation at the women’s networking event, we had an impromptu Q&A, and the host asked me this question:

“If there was only one word to describe what you think is THE most important thing in terms of transforming”I can’t” into”I could,” what could it be?”

I thought about this for a moment and then one word popped into my mind.

“But not faith in the standard way we often think of faith, as in having faith in some sort of divine guidance or a religious belief.”

“I’m talking about faith in one’s self.” I continued. “I think it is absolutely imperative that we have faith in ourselves and our ability to achieve what it is we really want to achieve. Because if we do not have this, then all the divine help and spiritual guidance in the world can’t help us.”

Likewise with our mortal supporters.

John believed in my potential as a writer and did what he could to inspire me to take concrete actions towards meeting my goals i.e. get my butt in the seat and WRITE.

But at the end of the day, taking action was my responsibility. That was a really tough life lesson to learn in the wake of such an immense loss.

If we do not have faith in ourselves that we can – and will – measure up to the plate, each and every day, and do the work that needs to be done, then the reinforcement and support of our nearest and dearest, in addition to any type of divine guidance we may think is available to us, won’t be of much use.

And for the record, I DO believe there’s a tremendous amount of spiritual aid just waiting in the wings to help guide us… sending us all sorts of signs and signals. We just have to a) listen and b) take action. I suspect, however, that those other forces do not require our faith.